Happy 70th Birthday to our Chairman, Ian

The man, the myth, the legend.

There’s no slowing him down. Not one to shy away from work, Ian’s commitment has been proved over and over again. Only this year, he was in the warehouse with his big boots and woolly hat, throwing rolls of carpet over his shoulder at 10pm; still with a smile on his face, keeping up morale for the team. His positive energy oozed around the place and kept spirits high.

Over the years Ian has been an integral part of the business and since 2014 has only really been involved in the jollies and the monthly board meetings. His days now mostly consist of playing golf, sitting on his lawnmower, and watching football.

He is man of many words, and some would say “he loves a chat”

He started off his career as a sign writer and specialised in calligraphy for golf clubs and crematoriums. When he moved on from this, he went to work for his dad Frank who owned an engineering company but that didn’t work out as he was living at home with his Mom (Phyllis)and Dad (Frank), and Ian had a fall out with Frank’s business partner as Ian thought the partner was on the take. When Ian raised this and refused to do what the partner was asking, he sacked him. Ian proceeded to take the partner and his Dad Frank to a tribunal while living under his Mom and Dad’s roof. As you can imagine Mom Phyllis was over the moon about this situation!

He then moved onto selling biscuits and oh yes, he lost the tribunal! but the partner did get found out for being on the take!

In 1980 after being made redundant he went to work in the contract flooring industry and has never looked back. Ian made Falcon what it is today. A family business that gives a shit and doesn’t work for people they don’t like!

We should also speak about the incredible job he and his lovely wife, Pam, have done in bringing up two of the hardest working, kindest and committed men, Charles, and Tom. Ian’s guidance and love has paved the way for these two to build on Falcon and make a success on their own accord. Without Ian’s strength and guidance, Charles and Tom wouldn’t be the successful businessmen they are today and not just in business but with the love and commitment they also show their family; just as their Dad always has. He is a true role model for all of us.

At a time where the world is angry and selfish, it’s comforting to know there are still good people here, and Ian is one of the best. It’s hard to find anyone as welcoming, sweet hearted and simply, as lovely, as he is. Ian is one in a million!

We all feel very lucky to know him and be able to wish him a very Happy 70th Birthday!